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We currently have 2 white solid females available, ready for a new home!

They are both spayed and healed, ready to go anytime! Our only wish for them both, is for them to go to a new home with no other pets. The younger of the two might adjust to one, but it would still be preferred if they both got the love all to themself. 
As a cattery we occasionally have retired adult cats that are looking for new homes. We may also have younger adult cats that were kept under observation for breeding, but have turned out to prove they are better as pets in a loving home where all attention is theirs!
If you are someone looking for a new kitty to add to your home, but a kitten is not the best option, maybe an adult is! They are often more laid back and less chaotic than kittens, but just as sweet and loving!
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Mona - Female
2 Years and 8 Months old
Shakira - Female
10 Months old
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